Criminal Law Defense


Being charged with a crime is one of the most stressful and frightening experiences a person can face. But remember you have rights and those rights must be protected. The Law Office of Timothy M. Prentiss II has the resources, criminal defense experience and expertise to aggressively and successfully defend you and protect your rights.

Understanding the complexity of our many laws is just one requirement for effective representation. Knowing the ends and outs of the system, from basic procedure all the way down to knowing the individual prosecutors, is just as important. My office has the experience in our local Redding courts to effectively defend you. For a general overview of what to expect in the criminal justice system, click here. Here are some examples of misdemeanor crimes that my office is experienced in defending:

  •       Theft

  •       Assault and Battery

  •       Drugs/under the influence

  •       Vandalism

  •       Domestic Violence

  •       Hit and Run

  •       Resisting Arrest 

  •       Child Abuse/Neglect 





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