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Defending Against Misdemeanor Charges in California 

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Common Misdemeanor Charges in California 

A misdemeanor is a criminal offense less serious than a felony but more significant than an infraction. California law encompasses a wide range of misdemeanor offenses, and individuals can find themselves facing these charges for various reasons. Here are some of the most common misdemeanor charges in California:

  • Petty Theft: Petty theft involves the unlawful taking of another person's property with a value of up to $950. Penalties for petty theft may include fines, restitution, and potential jail time.
  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence): Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense in California. Convictions can result in fines, license suspension, mandatory DUI programs, and even imprisonment.
  • Simple Assault: Simple assault involves the intentional infliction of force or threat of force on another person. Depending on the circumstances, penalties may include fines, probation, or jail time.
  • Drug Possession: Possession of certain controlled substances can lead to misdemeanor charges, resulting in fines, probation, drug education programs, or even jail time.
  • Trespassing: Unauthorized entry onto someone else's property can lead to trespassing charges, with potential penalties such as fines and probation.
  • Vandalism: Willful damage or destruction of another person's property can result in misdemeanor charges, leading to fines, restitution, and probation.

What are the Penalties for Misdemeanors in California? 

The penalties for misdemeanor convictions in California can vary depending on the specific offense and the circumstances surrounding the case. Generally, these penalties may include:

  • Fines: Misdemeanor fines can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Probation: In many cases, individuals convicted of misdemeanors may be placed on probation. This can involve regular check-ins with a probation officer and adherence to specific conditions, such as attending counseling or performing community service.
  • County Jail: Misdemeanor sentences can result in county jail time, typically ranging from a few days to a year.
  • Restitution: For offenses involving property damage or theft, courts may order the defendant to pay restitution to the victim.
  • Criminal Record: Misdemeanor convictions can have long-lasting consequences, resulting in a criminal record that may affect employment opportunities and housing prospects.
  • Professional Consequences: Some professions may have licensing boards that consider misdemeanor convictions, potentially impacting your career.

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor?

While misdemeanors are generally less severe than felonies, consulting with an experienced attorney is crucial if you are facing misdemeanor charges. At Prentiss Law Office, our attorneys have a deep understanding of California's criminal justice system and can provide the following benefits:

  • Legal Expertise: Our attorneys can assess the strength of the prosecution's case, identify potential defenses, and advise you on the best course of action.
  • Negotiation: We can negotiate with prosecutors to potentially reduce charges or penalties, helping you achieve a more favorable outcome.
  • Protection of Rights: We will ensure that your constitutional rights are protected throughout the legal process, including the right to a fair trial.
  • Guidance: Our legal team can guide you through the complex legal procedures, paperwork, and court appearances of misdemeanor cases.
  • Minimized Consequences: With the right legal representation, you may be able to minimize the impact of a misdemeanor conviction on your life and future opportunities.

Defenses Against Misdemeanors

Defending against misdemeanor charges requires a thorough understanding of criminal law and building a strong defense strategy. Common defenses against misdemeanors may include:

  • Lack of Evidence: If the prosecution cannot prove all elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt, this can lead to a dismissal or acquittal.
  • Self-Defense: In cases involving assault or battery, demonstrating that you acted in self-defense may be a valid defense strategy.
  • Mistaken Identity: If there is a case of mistaken identity, proving that you are not the person responsible for the alleged offense is a valid defense.
  • Illegal Search and Seizure: If evidence was obtained through an illegal search or seizure, it may be suppressed in court.
  • Miranda Rights Violation: Failure to read your Miranda rights during an arrest can lead to suppression of statements made to law enforcement.

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