No Room for Debate: Why You Need a DUI Attorney


A DUI Attorney will be able to accomplish tasks difficult for non-legal persons; additionally they have intimate knowledge of the system to help your case.

Are you facing DUI charges? Are you wondering if you need a DUI attorney? It can be tempting to try and save some money by representing yourself in court. Yet hiring an experienced Sacramento lawyer can end actually save you money when all is said and done. Here's why you need a qualified professional on your side.

1. Knowing The Law

Knowing how to represent yourself in court takes time and a decent amount of experience. Not having the right background and skills can harm your case in a court of law. Judges will likely not have much patience for your learning curve.

A local attorney will know what to do in a courtroom, as well as the specific laws and regulations in your area. They can review your case and look out for weaknesses in the prosecution's case. 

There may, for example, have been a problem with the way a field sobriety test was conducted, or the breathalyzer device could have had technical issues. If your arresting officer failed to read you your rights or physically harmed you in some way, it could also cause problems for the prosecution. Someone with no legal experience won't have the skillset for getting the best outcome for your case.

2. Reduced Sentence

Your state laws may allow you to participate in an educational program if this is your first offense. If this is the case, you could be granted a conditional driver's license and eventually have your old license restored or a new license issued. 

If you've had an experience with a DUI before, the right lawyer can help you avoid high fines or jail time. Your attorney can fight for your due process rights and make sure you don't have to face the maximum sentence.

3. Good Relationships Can Help

Your attorney should have built up years of goodwill and trust with other lawyers. This will give them the opportunity to negotiate in your favor with a positive outcome.

Your lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain, which allows you to plead guilty to a less severe charge. You may be able to complete a training program or participate in community service. A plea bargain can get used to resolve the case at any point prior to going to trial.

4. DMV Complications

DUI cases usually involve your dealing with the DMV as well as the court. A private attorney can help you sort out issues that arise when your license gets suspended. A public defender won't be able to help you. You have a limited amount of time in which to contest your license suspension. A lawyer can help you file a petition so you get your license back.

5. The Problem With Public Defenders

If you don't hire a private lawyer to defend you, a public defender will get assigned to your case. They will represent you if you can't afford any other legal representation.

Public defenders often have quite large caseloads, and may not be able to give your case the time and energy it deserves. A private lawyer will be able to invest more of their resources in your case. 

Finding the Right DUI Attorney

You won't want to go with just any DUI attorney when you're facing the possibility of a trial. In fact, you could end up wasting a significant amount of money if you make a poor decision.

Go online and look for attorneys in your area that have a portion of their website dedicated to DUI cases. You'll want a local lawyer, as these professionals will have insider knowledge of the particular laws and regulations in your area.

Ask prospective lawyers for at least three references, and don't be afraid to ask questions when you call. Was the attorney knowledgeable and professional? Did they get a good outcome? How did they go about winning the case?

Many attorneys offer free consultations, which will give you the opportunity to see if you've found a good fit. Ask your lawyer to describe a case similar to yours that they won. What was their strategy?

Make sure you ask any lawyers you're serious about hiring how they will charge for their services. Get at least three estimates and make sure the fees you'll be paying seem reasonable for your area. The right lawyer will also give you a written summary of their charges.

Moving On

You won't want to take chances when you're facing a DUI conviction. The right DUI attorney can represent you effectively in all of your dealings and get you the best outcome possible. Take the time to find a qualified professional in your area who can make a difference in your case.

Don't stop making good decisions now. For more information on DUI legal representation in Sacramento, visit our office today.